Chuck Program
ALMIK Manufacturing & Service is offering our Customers a plan to reduce the cost of replacing or repairing the Upper or lower chuck assemblies on the Firwood White Sidewall Grinders. This Program will include all Models of Firwood Grinders including 1167, 1265, 1298, 1303, 1315, 1325, 1330, & 1342 to name a few.
When you enter into this Program, ALMIK will record all your Grinder model numbers and start an inventory area especially suited for your Machines. Depending on the needs of your particular Plant, We will be able to supply you with individual parts or complete assemblies within a 24 – 48 hour period.
Another cost reduction benefit of this program is that when you allow us to repair your Chuck Assembly we will evaluate the item and send you a price to repair that unit. If approved, we will repair the unit and install it on our test unit to insure all seals have seated properly and there are no leaks. In this way we can insure you that the item that you are installing is working properly and further down time on the Grinding unit will be kept to a minimum. Evaluation of the parts you send us is free of charge and all parts will be returned to you if you decline to repair the item evaluated.
For more information or for any questions regarding this program, please call Al Bonikowski or Mike Devereaux at 1-734-955-6771 or fax your intention of participation to 1-734-955-6774.

                                            Spindle Program
ALMIK Manufacturing & Service are now offering their Customers a cost savings Spindle Replacement Program to help fight the rising cost of replacement parts for Firwood White Sidewall Grinders. This program will allow you to be cost efficient while keeping the W.S.W.Grinders in top working condition. This will allow you to get a good consistent quality grind out of your equipment while allowing you maximum production output.
The Spindles used on the Grinders are highly precision balanced units with two sets of Super Precision preloaded matched dual angular bearings that are balanced out at 6000 R.P.M. The use of Super Precision bearings allow for a smooth and uniformed grind because vibration is kept to a minimum. When the units start to wear out, they start to vibrate which will transfer to the grindstone causing a bad grind. Changing out the spindles at the first indication of increased vibration will save you production time and money.
When you enter into the Program, ALMIK will keep on record all your models of grinders and their Spindle numbers. We will keep on hand an inventory available to manufacture a complete spindle and have it ready for you in 24 - 48 hours. In this way you will know that emergency spindles will be available for your machines and also you will be able to schedule proper maintenance times for your production grinders.
Another way to control costs is to allow ALMIK to repair your old spindles. With the minimum cost of a new spindle to be no less than 2850.00 it would be cost efficient for you to have us evaluate your spindles and to give you a reworked price that in many cases will be hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying new. There is no cost to you on the evaluation and the rework would only be done if you approve the rework price. All parts will be shipped back to you if the rework price is not approved.

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