ALMIK Manufacturing & Service Ltd., LLC was founded on 1 May 2003.  When Firwood Mfg. went out of business, Standard Federal Bank had an auction of all Firwood assets. ALMIK Manufacturing & Service purchased from the bank much of the inventory and equipment. Being that Firwood Mfg. had no current or pending patents, copy rights, or trade secrets on the equipment they sold, We can offer you quality parts at pricing that in many cases will be equal to or less than original part pricing.
Give us a chance to quote you pricing for your service parts and see the value you will receive from ALMIK without jeopardizing part quality. As an example of parts that we can offer and supply you, we have assembled a short list of common spare parts that ALMIK  has already supplied to our growing Customer base.
All components of P.C.I. machines. Firwood models 1152, 1157, 1166, 1170, 1178, 1208, 1222, 1225, 1259, 1316.
All components of White Sidewall Grinders. Firwood models 1167, 1265, 1298, 1303, 1305, 1315, 1325, 1342.
All components of Skiver cutting machines. Firwood model 1301.
All components of Bias cutting machines. Firwood model 1101, 1196.
All components of Concentricity Grinders. Firwood models 1243, 1245.
All components of Tire Inspection machines. Firwood models 1191, 1302, 1316.

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